Trick Question

  • $24.95

Asking players to think twice, this game is a hilarious twist on trivia and a groan-worthy contest for pun lovers. Every question has a trick up its sleeve, and it's a race against the other team to second-guess it. The game is packed with 400 sneak-attack brainteasers, like "What building has the most stories?" Answer: a library, of course! Two teams take turns posing confounding questions to earn tiles and test who has the quickest wit - the first team to gather 10 tiles wins. As if the questions weren't delightfully maddening enough, Trick Question also features two "Trickster Totems." Grab the "Us!" totem if your team knows the answer, or snag the "Them!" totem to put the other side in the hot seat so they have to answer. It even has special rules for three players, where it's every clever person for him or herself!