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Pass the sweet-toothed narwhals near Donut Forest and chill out by the lake at the foot of Brownie Hills. You're on a trip through the magical world of Ganjaland. Inspired by a children's classic with a similar but more sugary title, this board game gives you and your grown-up buds a chance to show off your 411 on 420. You'll make your way to a jolly green castle by facing challenges like locating objects on the board, naming movie titles you'd watch in "high definition," or even sharing hilarious spliff-related confessionals. Stock up on some munchies and get ready for a quest you likely won't remember correctly anyway. 


10" L x 14" W x 2" H

- 8-character pieces
- illustrated game board
- 157 playing cards
- note pad with 2 pencils
- instruction manual
- cannabis crown
- 5 photo props