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Draw It, See It, Say It

Draw, memorize, or bluff your way to victory in Draw It, See It, Say It from Ridley's Games!

In this awesome party game trio that will have everyone guessing, there's three ways to play: drawing, seeing, or saying.

Roll the dice and take a category card that matches the color shown on the dice. Pink means it's time to test your artistic skills, and the player then needs to draw one of the two prompts (easy or hard) with all other players guessing what it is.

Yellow puts your memory to the test, with the player trying to memorize and then recall the color of one of the symbols on the card randomly selected by another player.

Green will test your bluffing skills, with the player trying to convince the other players whether or not they're being truthful about what's on the card.

The game ends when any player has won 3 cards of each color, and the player with the most points is the winner!

Perfect for families and groups of friends, it's suitable for ages 8+, 2-8 players, and has an average of 30 minute gameplay.