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Fermented Hot Sauce Kit


We love these homemade kits, they're as good as what you’d buy out in the real world and they make for great gifts!

The best hot sauces are fermented. Whether your favorite is mild, refreshing and green, or smoky, blazing hot and red, there’s no limit on all the different ways to customize homemade hot sauce. Fermenting your hot sauces gives them an umami depth, knocks just a bit of the edge off the chiles, and marries all the flavors for complex hot sauces you’ll want to put on everything.

Experiment with different combinations for endless spicy possibilities. From jalapeños, to habaneros fermented with fruit, to poblanos and hatch chiles there’s no wrong way to get your high-heat fix.

Included in the Fermenter Hot Sauce Kit:

  • 1/2 Gallon Glass Fermenting Jar

  • Glass Fermentation Weight

  • Lid with Airlock

  • Kosher Salt

Become a hot sauce virtuoso with this completely reusable kit. Just combine chiles, peppers, fruit and veggies, top with brine, top with lid and airlock, then blend together after a week for unique, spicy, and complex hot sauces. Experiment with different flavors and combinations for never ending high-heat possibilities. 

Plus with this kit, you can also make kraut, kimchi, and pickles at home!

Whether you like it blazing hot or refreshing & mild, make a hot sauce that's all your own & never go back to store-bought.