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Host Your Own Murder Mystery- Boat

Murder Mystery on the High Seas Game by Talking Tables. "All aboard the HMS Hope for a luxury holiday on the high seas!". Whilst you sail past the sites, be sure to keep an eye on who is lurking in the on the lower decks... An interactive game experience for your customers to enjoy, this murder mystery game has characters for up to 13 players and is re-playable with 3 alternative endings. Ideal for a dinner party with friends or family games night.

Contents includes: An Instruction booklet, 13x Name Badges, 12x Character Cards, 12x Secret Trait Cards, 12x Challenge Cards, 48x Murder Clues, 40x Detective Note Sheets, 40x Accusation & Voting Sheets, 9x Murder Weapon Props, 3x Solution Sheets & Envelopes, 3x Award Trophies and 1x Police Crime File Recommended for age 16+ and 5-13 players.