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Host Your Own Murder Mystery- Theatre

Host your own 1920s Murder Mystery Game by Talking Tables. Dastardly deeds have been taking place at the Full House Theatre. Can your guests work out whodunnit? Host a thrilling murder mystery night, the perfect addition to your 1920s themed dinner party. This table game for adults makes for a fun gift for friends and a great occasion to get together for a costume party!

Play with a group of 5 - 12 and replayable with 3 alternative endings! Also playable via video call or Zoom by mailing the components in advance or adapting the usual game play. Recommended for ages 16+.


Contents includes: An Instruction booklet, Welcome speech for the host as well as 12 x Place cards, 12x Name cards, 12x Trait cards, 12x Occupation cards, 12x Murder weapon props, 2x Police crime file, 28x Murder clues, 48x Accusation forms, 6x Solutions, 3x Award Trophies. Everything you could possibly need to solve the mystery!